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The Operational Art of War, A Century of Warfare

The Military Art: The theory and practice of combat.
The Operational Scale: A view of the battlefield on a scale just exceeding that at which differing ranges of various direct fire weapons are significant.
The Operational Art: The theory and practice of combat on an operational scale.

The Operational Art of War, A Century of Warfare (TalonSoft, Inc.-2000) is a turn based operational level game with a complete scenario editor. Map, unit, and time scales are variable. Individual units are generally regiments, brigades or divisions detailed to the level of individual vehicles, major crew served weapons, and infantry squads. The weapon database includes over 1900 specific weapon and vehicle types, including aircraft, tanks, guns, ships, and several varieties of infantry squads. A scenario designer using this database can create scenarios modeled on just about any conflict from 1900 to 2000. A programmable event engine is used to simulate a wide range of political, environmental and "out of theater" events.

Scale: Operational, 2.5km to 50km per location (hex)/6 hours to 1 week per turn.

Topic: Campaigns from 1900 to 2000.

Systems: Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

A Century of Warfare includes all scenarios previously released in the original, award winning Operational Art of War Volumes I and II, Volume I Battle Pack, Volume II Battle Pack, and Wargame of the Year Edition. Several entirely new scenarios are also included, and many of the original scenarios have been reworked to take advantage of new features added to the game since the initial release of Volume I.

A Partial List of Scenarios Included in The Operational Art of War, A Century of Warfare

Balkans 1913 The First Balkan War, Balkans 1914 The Second Balkan War, France 1914 The Schlieffen Plan, St. Mihiel 1918 The First American Offensive Of WWI, Nomonhan 1939 The Halha River Incident, France 1940 Blitzkrieg In The West, Crete 1941 Operation Mercury , Crusader 1941 Operation Crusader, Typhoon 1941 Operation Typhoon, Luzon 1941-42 Fall Of Bataan, Kharkov 1942 Prelude To Stalingrad, Attu Island 1943 Operation Sandcrab, Italy 1943 Up The Bloody Boot, Kasserine 1943 Trial By Fire, Sicily 1943 Operation Husky, Arracourt 1944 Showdown At Arracourt, Korsun 1944 Disaster On The Southern Wing, Normandy 1944 Operation Overlord, Patton 1945 Patton's Nightmare , Israel 1948 Israel's Counteroffensive, Korea 1950-51 Police Action, Chosin 1950 A Marine Triumph!, Nghia Lo 1951 The Valley Of Death, Fulda 1955 Red Storm At Fulda, Middle East 1956 Operation Kadesh, Cuba 1962 Operation Scabbards, NATO-Warsaw Pact 1962 Nato Vs Warsaw Pact, Ia Drang 1965 Operation Silver Bayonet, Bong Son 1966 Operation Masher/White Wing, Middle East 1967 The Six Day War, Tet Offensive 1968 Vietnam, The Light Grows Dim, Sino-Soviet 1969 Fire In The East, Middle East 1973 Allahu Akbar!, Fulda 1976 Gateway To Frankfurt, Germany 1984 August Dawn, Desert Storm 1991 Operation Desert Storm, Kashmir 1999 A Lesson In Insanity, Korea 1999 Freedom's Frontier, Middle East 2000 Jihad!

CGW Editor's Choice, 5 Stars

A modified version of A Century of Warfare was re-released in July of 2006 by Matrix Games as Norm Koger's The Operational Art of War III.

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