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The Operational Art of War, Volume II: 1956-2000

Modern Battles

The Military Art: The theory and practice of combat.
The Operational Scale: A view of the battlefield on a scale just exceeding that at which differing ranges of various direct fire weapons are significant.
The Operational Art: The theory and practice of combat on an operational scale.

The Operational Art of War, Volume II (TalonSoft, Inc.-1999) is a turn based operational level game with a complete scenario editor. Map, unit, and time scales are variable. Individual units are generally regiments, brigades or divisions detailed to the level of individual vehicles, major crew served weapons, and infantry squads. The weapon database includes over 1100 specific weapon and vehicle types, including aircraft, tanks, guns, ships, and several varieties of infantry squads. A scenario designer using this database can create scenarios modeled on just about any conflict from 1956 to 2000. A programmable event engine is used to simulate a wide range of political, environmental and "out of theater" events. Special rules include nuclear and chemical weapons, airmobile operations, and seasonal weather.

Scale: Operational, 2.5km to 50km per hex/6 hours to 1 week per turn.

Topic: Campaigns from 1956 to 2000.

Systems: Windows 95/98 and Windows NT with DirectSound.

Scenarios Included in The Operational Art of War, Volume II

Bong Son 1966 OPERATION MASHER/WHITE WING - US 1st Air Cavalry Division (Airmobile) campaign
in Binh Dinh Province against the 3rd NVA "Yellow Flag" Division.
Cuba 1962 OPERATION SCABBARDS - Hypothetical invasion of Cuba by the United States in 1962.
Desert Storm 1991 OPERATION DESERT STORM - United Nations coalition forces force Iraq out of Kuwait.
Fulda 1976 GATEWAY TO FRANKFURT - Hypothetical attack by the Warsaw Pact against NATO forces to
seize Frankfurt, West Germany.
Germany 1984 AUGUST DAWN - Hypothetical attack by the Warsaw Pact against NATO forces in West
Ia Drang 1965 OPERATION SILVER BAYONET - First campaign by the US 1st Air Cavalry Division
(Airmobile) in the Ia Drang Valley against the NVA "Field Front" Division and local Viet Cong.
Kashmir 1999 A LESSON IN INSANITY - India vs. Pakistan
Korea 1999 FREEDOM'S FRONTIER - The Second Korean War
Middle East 1956 OPERATION KADESH - Israel's surprise invasion of the Sinai
Middle East 1967 THE SIX DAY WAR - Israel's war against the Arab League Nations of Egypt, Syria
and Jordan.
Middle East 1973 ALLAHU AKBAR! - The Yom Kippur War
Nato-Warsaw Pact 1962 NATO VS WARSAW PACT - The Third World War
Sino-Soviet 1969 FIRE IN THE EAST - Hypothetical attack by the Soviet Union against Chinese forces
along the Amur River.
Tet Offensive 1968 VIETNAM, THE LIGHT GROWS DIM - The Tet Offensive of 1968

A set of screen shots from the game is available here.

PC Gameworld - Recommended The Gamer's Net - Achievement Award PC Gamer - Editor's Choice CNET Gamecenter - Editor's Choice Strategy Gaming Online - 1999 Wargame of the Year

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The game was released on May 3rd, 1999. Matrix Games released a slightly reworked version of the game in July of 2006.

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