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Operational Art of War Awards
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The Operational Art of War, Volume I: 1939-1955

Strategy Gaming Online - Best Wargame of 1998 Computer Gaming World - Editor's Choice PC Gamer - Editor's Choice, Best Wargame of 1998 C|Net - GAMEWORTHY Gaming Entertainment Monthly - Editor's Choice
OGR Select The Gamers Net - Game of the Year, 1998 The Wargamer - Award for Excellence Gamespot, Best & Worst of 1998, Wargame of the Year GamesFirst, Five Stars
WarZone - Best Wargame of 1998 PC Games - 1998 Best Strategy Game Computer Games / OGR - The Best of 1998: Wargame of the Year Computer Gaming World - Best Wargame of 1998 Games Domain - Silver

The Operational Art of War, Volume II: 1956-2000

PC Gameworld - Recommended The Gamer's Net - Achievement Award PC Gamer - Editor's Choice CNET Gamecenter - Editor's Choice Strategy Gaming Online - 1999 Wargame of the Year

The Operational Art of War, Century of Warfare

CGW Editor's Choice, 5 Stars

Updated February 15th, 2001.

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