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Wargame Construction Set II:TANKS!

Wargame Construction Set II:TANKS! (S.S.I. 1994) is a tactical game, with units of platoon, section and battery size. This is a major departure from my earlier work. In addition to the change of scale, graphics were upgraded to full, floating palette VGA and the interface was brought up to modern standards. A scenario editor is included, as well as a very nice random scenario generator. Computer Games Strategy Plus Magazine named TANKS! 1994's Wargame of the year. As of this writing, there still is not a better treatment of the modern battlefield at this scale.

Scale: Tactical, 250 meters per hex/5 minutes per turn.

Topic: Modern (1917-1990) warfare.

Systems: DOS, Playable from the Windows 95 Desktop.

To the best of my knowledge, TANKS is no longer available for sale.

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