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Conflict: Middle East

Conflict: Middle East (S.S.I. 1991) was an operational game covering the 1973 Arab-Israeli War and a hypothetical 1990's scenario. This game used the basic combat and interface routines developed for Red Lightning, but it added a mouse interface for the DOS version as well as graphic indications of weather conditions in the ST and Amiga versions. Units weren't "atomic" as in Red Lightning. The Israeli player could freely build or detach task forces as large or as small as desired - giving him a tremendous advantage in flexibility. Again, as in Red Lightning, political considerations were important. U.S., Soviet, and Jordanian intervention were possible depending upon events on the ground - particularly if the Israelis occupied any major Arab cities.

Scale: Operational,10km per hex/12 hours per turn.

Topic: Arabs vs. Israelis, 1973 and 1990's.

Systems: Atari ST, Amiga, DOS.

To the best of my knowledge, Conflict: Middle East is no longer available for sale.

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