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Conflict: Korea

Conflict: Korea (S.S.I. 1992) continued the development of the basic Red Lightning engine. There were further enhancements to the interface, including the addition of VGA support. Unit size ranged from battalion to division, and could be further organized into larger formations by players. While there was a '90's scenario, the game was really optimized to cover the 1950-51 campaign. The big question: Would the Chinese intervene? Woe unto the player who guessed wrong. Supply was a major headache for the non communist player, who had the option to use his transport assets to move troops around or to supply the grunts on the ground. Some choice, eh?

Scale: Operational,15 km per hex/8 days per turn.

Topic: Korea, 1950 and 1990's.

Systems: Amiga, DOS.

To the best of my knowledge, Conflict: Korea is no longer available for sale. SSI does not show it in their catalog, and they have not objected to the game's inclusion as a downloadable file at the Home of the Underdogs. I do not have any personal experience with game files from the Underdogs site, so this shouldn't be taken as an endorsement. But, speaking only for myself (not SSI), I am not offended to hear that gamers are taking advantage of the availability of this and other older, unsupported titles available for download at the Home of the Underdogs.

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