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Wargame Construction Set III: Age of Rifles

Wargame Construction Set III: Age of Rifles (S.S.I. 1996) covers the 1840-1905 period at a company / regiment / brigade scale. It continues and extends the WCS concept of flexibility in scenario design with a very comprehensive scenario editor. A linked scenario campaign feature has been added, and there have been significant enhancements of graphics and sound features. Scenarios include battles from conflicts as obscure as the Sikh Wars, and as well known as the American Civil War. Amateur scenario designers have created many more interesting scenarios, some of which are as good as, if not better than the scenarios included with the game.

Scale: Tactical, 100,200, or 400 yards per hex/10,20 or 40 minutes per turn (scenario dependent).

Topic: 19th century warfare: British colonial conflicts, Crimean War, American Civil War, Franco Prussian War, Russo-Japanese War.

Systems: DOS, Playable from the Windows 95 Desktop. (Developed under Win 95)

Age of Rifles FAQ's

Formations Unit Formations in Age of Rifles

The following FAQs are straight ASCII text (or as Windows calls them "MS-DOS text with line breaks") files formatted for easy printing.

*Rifles FAQ #1 Command Line Switches: updated August 25th, 1997.
*Rifles FAQ #2 Game Mechanics: updated September 11th, 1996.
*Rifles FAQ #3 Scenario and Campaign Design: updated September 11th, 1996.
*Rifles FAQ #4 Age of Rifles Final Version was v1.402.
*Rifles FAQ #5 Terrain Effects in Age of Rifles: updated October 24th, 1996.
*Rifles FAQ #6 Sound problem or startup crash?: updated August 25th, 1997.
*Rifles FAQ #7 Unit Frontage and Fire Strengths: updated November 2nd, 1996.

What Some Folks Had to Say About Age of Rifles

* Gamer's Zone

OGR: Best Wargame of 1996

What's going on right now with Age of Rifles?

To the best of my knowledge, AoR is no longer available for sale. See Rifles FAQ #4 for updated information on unofficial versions of AoR.

If you enjoy playing AoR, you would almost certainly enjoy David Drake and S.M. Sterling's The General series of science fiction novels.

Updated September 6th, 2000..

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